Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Barbie anyone?

Summer is finally around and the rain has stopped and the gorgeous sun is finally out! What comes up to your mind other than the beach? Barbecue!!!

I just love love barbecues! Always reminds me of the happy days when we we're younger and used to go to the country club on Wednesday Evenings. It was a weekly ritual, my little sister and I and all my class mates and friends. We'd arrive at 4pm go swimming up to 7pm. Then a barbecue at 7.30pm then go play by the beach and build sand castles. Then my dad would come and pick us up at 9pm. It was really something i'd look forward to every single week. I really miss that club! Now your probably wondering did she mean Friday evening? Well, No that wasn't a typo! lol! Back then where i grew up weekends we're on Thursday and Friday. That's why up to this date Wednesday is my favorite day of the week.

So lets get back to this

I made Minced Lamb Skewers or in Arabic there called Sheesh Kofta
Chicken Skewers or in Arabic Sheesh Djaj

Some Salmon with Piri Piri Sauce and home made flavored butter
That's just butter and parsley, black pepper, garlic and red chili flakes and salt
and an extra dash of pepper on top for luck!

This is a very traditional dish. Barbecued diced lamb with red onions and green pepper. I just tossed the lamb before putting em in the barbecue with a little bit of salt and pepper and mixed spice and garlic.

They flavor was amazing they we're still moist in the middle but i loved the charcoal flavor. And the green pepper was very crunchy absolutely adored it!

I served these with Aubergine Salad and Peanut Spicy Sauce.
These are also traditional dishes that i will blog about soon.

My Favorite barbecue dish was believe it or not jacket potatoes lol! Its just when i open that foil and the steams comes up and then put that small knob of butter and just watch it melt that was the best thing ever! Yum Yumm!

So whats your favorite barbecue dish?

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