Saturday, 10 September 2011

Om Ali - Middle Eastern Bread and Butter Pudding

One of the most famous pudding to have during the holy month of Ramadan. I cant think of anything that tastes similar to it in a way. Its very yummy and easy to make although i must warn you EXTREMELY high in calories LOL! But definitely worth every spoonful! As i don't live in the middle east and most of the ingredients are not available here this is not the authentic recipe. Still tastes very very similar maybe even better LOL!

The key ingredient to this recipe is that it should be served warm or it will get very soggy. Now in an authentic OM Ali is made with home made puff pastry. Which i'm sure certain no one has time to do. I thought of replacing it with one of life's best indulgence. Milk Brioche Rolls! Although I usually make my own

But not today :(
I used these from Asda

Broke them into bite size pieces and then toasted them in the oven for 15 mins at Gas Mark 7/ 200 Degrees  Celsius. So now we've got our Brioche ready lets get cooking.

Toasted Brioche rolls
Shredded Coconut
Double Cream

Hows it done:

Well as you've noticed i haven't mentioned any measurements because it all depends on what size your making it. I made this in a 9x13'' Pan before and I made it in individual ramekin's.

So firstly we boil some milk with sugar and touch of vanilla extract to taste. You need just enough to go 2/3 the way of the ramekin.  Whip up the double cream you might add teaspoon of icing sugar to make it nice and sweet.

Step 1: Put some toasted brioche into the ramekin
Step 2: Sprinkle some pistachio's on top
Step 3: Sprinkle some coconut and raisins
Step 4: Repeat step 1-3
Step 5: Pour the Milk 2/3 the way into the ramekin
Step 6: Spread some whipped double cream on top.

Then pop into a hot oven at gas mark 5 for approximately 20 minutes or until its golden and bubbly on top.

Isn't that delicious!