Monday, 13 June 2011

How to make Greek Yogurt!

I finally made Home made Yogurt!
Such a satisfying feeling i cant even put it into words.
To be honest this was my second attempt my first attempt didn't
really make it lol!

I guess it was a rather chilly night and i didn't wrap the pot in a rather
light cover so it was my bad. I have to admit i almost didn't want to give
it another try. But, fortunately enough i did! This time i wrapped my pot
in a plastic bag then wrapped a blanket around it then put two heavy
bath towels on top and put the pot next to the radiator lol!
Talk about precautions lol! Then again i really hate being disappointed lol!

Recipe is very simple.

1 Litre of Milk
1/2 Cup Store Bought Yogurt

and thats it!

Oh well there's a couple of things you have to keep in mind. For the first time you make yogurt you need to get a yogurt with live cultures or what we call here with active bacteria! Then after that make sure you keep some for next batch you make.

Step 1:
Pour Milk into slow cooker and switch it to low for 2 1/2 Hours

Step 2:
Switch Slow cooker off and let milk cool for 3 Hours

Step 3:
Take out 2 cups of milk and mix it with the store bought yogurt and then mix it up with all the yogurt you had.

Step 4:
Wrap the slow cooker in as many blankets as possible and put it somewhere warm. Leave it for atleast 8 hours. You can leave it overnight.

Step 5:
Wake up in the morning and enjoy some beautiful tangy yogurt for breakfast!

If like me you like rich thick yogurt all you got to do it strain it!

A lot of people online recommend the use of cheesecloth or a coffee strainer
As i 'cannot' find a cheesecloth anywhere near me or in any grocery store
I decided to use my clean cotton kitchen cloth. Worked great for me.

 So basically i got a strainer and a kitchen towel poured the yogurt on top and let it strain. As i wanted to know how much whey would come out i used a measuring
This is when i first poured some into i just never measured it out to be honest :s
And this is after a couple of hours on the strainer. You can notice that the yogurts level has gone down a bit.

Here's the whey.

That's almost 200ml of why i poured the Yogurt into the empty store bought Yogurt container which was originally 500ml.

Now don't throw that whey out! I used it to make bread. Yum Yum!

Btw, you don't need to make your own yogurt to make Greek Yogurt! You can use store bought yogurt!

So lets do the maths, 4 Pints of milk from Aldi cost me 74p and the 500g regular 
Yogurt costs around 55p
Store bought Greek yogurt costs between £1.50 - £2.20
So basically home made is cheaper tastier and healthier!
Watch ya waiting for?


  1. I love this method of making Greek yogurt..yummy recipe!

  2. Thanks Rani! Hope you enjoyed it!